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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Super delegate: Convince me, but be nice

Undecided super delegate Debra Kozikowski is asking supporters of the two Democratic presidential candidates to tell her -- via the Internet.

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sweety said...

Now that Super Delegates Matter Even More… Lets Ordinary Voices Be Heard

The unconstrained votes of some 800 top Democratic Party officials, known as Super Delegates, now matter even more following the Pennsylvania Primary, which continued to leave both Presidential candidates short of the 2,024 primary-pledged delegates needed to secure the nomination.

Those believing these Party insiders (who include governors, mayors, state and Congressional lawmakers) should be more accountable to rank-and-file Democrats, can now have their voices heard through This one-stop portal is the first and only one empowering grassroots Democrats to directly communicate with their state’s Super Delegates – via email, fax or postal letters. maintains lists of Super Delegates who have endorsed Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or are still uncommitted. Users can, with one click, target all uncommitted Super Delegates and urge them to publicly endorse a certain candidate, or remain uncommitted. Users can similarly lobby Super Delegates to keep an existing commitment, or switch to the other candidate.

Although Sen. Obama leads with 1,490 pledged delegates to 1,336 for Sen. Clinton, neither would attain 2,024 even if one or the other won two-thirds of the remaining primary delegates. While Clinton leads among Super Delegates, 259 to 235, Obama has narrowed this gap steadily over the past six weeks. Over 300 Super Delegates remain uncommitted.

The website is strictly independent, and is not aligned with any political party, candidate, campaign or advocacy group. was created as a public service under the auspices of the nonprofit StateDemocracy Foundation, whose similar civic engagement website,, is dedicated to delivering democracy to your desktop by connecting citizens and lawmakers.

Thousands have visited since it was launched on April 3. Since then, the website has been upgraded by adding a blog, the ability to invite friends, and free email delivery.