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Monday, April 2, 2007

Hillary smashes fund-raising records

Last year while attending a Seminar on Internet & Fund raising at IIPD,

Washington DC, I realize one thing... the main donors are small donors who
donate less then $100 and they also prefer online contribution.

For 2006 election we raise good amount of money online for our different
client. We did around 75 campaign sites in last election season and we integrate for
raising fund.

It was great... and today I read this article about how Senator Hillary
Clinton has raised $ 36 Million out of this $ 4.2 million was online...

For 2008 election we at are ready and I
personally think that the maximum fund will come from small donors.

Let's wait and see who raise how much...

$36 million -- That is the amount Democratic Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
collected during the first three months of her presidential campaign.

Smashing all previous fund-raising records, Hillary raised $26 million in
campaign cash while $10 million were transferred from her Senate fund-raising
account to her presidential bid, aides said.

Eighty per cent of the donations were for $100 or less, and $4.2 million was
raised on the Internet, suggesting that the democratic front runner had a mass
appeal. A total of 50,000 donors were recorded in all 50 American states.

Former Senator John Edwards raised over $14 million, about twice what he
raised in the same quarter for his 2004 presidential race. Governor Bill
Richardson (New Mexico) raised $6 million. Senator Christopher Dodd
(Connecticut) raised $4 million and Senator Joseph Biden (Delaware) raised $3


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1 comment:

Sean said...

Although the 'biggies' like Hillary Clinton, John Edwards , Barack Obama have done wonderful when it comes to 'amassing' donations, there are many others who could give their campaigns a push forward , when it comes to monetary contribution., seems to have geared itself for the 2008 Presidential race. It is one of the best sites to count on. fund-raising is one of the vital elements of an election campaign

I just happened to browse through. I found that they are providing some enhanced features as well , which enable the constituents to register online for an Absentee Ballot.

Sean Taylor