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Monday, June 23, 2008

Required Board of Advisors for StateDemocracy Foundation

An effort is underway to strengthen the StateDemocracy Foundation by instituting a Board of Advisors. These Advisors would be leaders from a wide variety of fields, possessing expertise in many areas that are vital to the Foundation, including:

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Missouri Primary Elections

July 9th is the registration deadline to vote in the Missouri primary elections on August 5, 2008. Eligible citizens include Missouri residents who will be 18 years old on Election Day.

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2008 Electorate Embraces Internet

Wow! Look at this research on Internet use among American adults in 2008 elections:40% are using the Internet to learn about campaigns19% go online at least once weekly (6% daily) for campaign purposes23% receive campaign emails at least once weekly10% discuss campaigns via email at least once weekly

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Friday, June 20, 2008

The internet and the 2008 election

Fueled by increased viewing of online political videos and the use of social networks to gather campaign data and online donations for candidates, use of the Internet in this year's election cycle is shattering records, according to a study released this week The internet and the 2008 election

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Tomorrow is the last day for Absentee Ballot - Utah

June 20 is Absentee Ballot Deadline for Utah’s June 24 Elections

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June 20 is Absentee Ballot Deadline for Utah

Any registered voter in Utah may use an absentee ballot--but it must be submitted to your local voter’s clerk by June 20, to be valid for the state’s primary elections on June 24.

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June 20 is Absentee Ballot Deadline for Utah

Any registered voter in Utah may use an absentee ballot--but it must be submitted to your local voter’s clerk by June 20, to be valid for the state’s primary elections on June 24.

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A One-Stop Voter Toolbox is a completely FREE website, voters can download the application form needed to receive an official absentee ballot.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Eye in the Sky 10,000 Golf Courses, CBS-TV & the iPhone

Only 4 months ago opened it's doors to the public. Shortly we will have over 10,000 amazing Golf Course Flyovers, just in time for the launch of the iPhone. Yes... GolfFlyover is now going mobile on the new iPhone. It has been an amazing ride and the future is looking better all the time for GolfFlyover.

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Petrol in Pakistan Rs17 per litrMalaysia Rs 18 per litrIn India it's Rs.59 per litr

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Try ezCampaigns for FREE!

Like never before, online campaigning is making news, making money and making winners.  Now you can have that Internet edge too…with an ezCampaigns website. 

ezCampaigns bundles together all the online tools you need to reach your electorate.  Why spend your limited funds on old media?  Look where most voters today learn about candidates:  [Source:]

Ü        Internet .............................  33%

Ü        TV .....................................  26%

Ü        Newspapers ......................  22%

Ü        Radio .................................  8%

Ü        Pamphlets .........................  7%

ezCampaigns Website Packages

Try our introductory special with the Value Package for FREE!!!  You provide the campaign content to upload into the various basic tools included in our Value Package, and we also host your site for FREE.  It’s fast and easy.  Soon you’ll want to upgrade to take advantage of the many other tools included with the ezCampaigns Premium Package and with our Custom-Built websites.  An ezCampaigns website will cost a just fraction of what competitors charge:

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Find Your Lawmakers



ezCampaigns Voter’s ToolBox (for Existing Websites)

If you already have a campaign website, you can easily (and affordably) add the following 5 essential Voter’s Tools, which will transform your site’s visitors into YOUR VOTERS on Election Day:

1)  Absentee Ballot application

2)  Voter Registration application

3)  Polling Place Locator

4)  Election Day Requirements

5)  Local Election Board Links

Voter’s ToolBox -- Packages & Prices

?       Widget Package @ $600

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Inventory of EZCampaigns Tools

?       Online FUNDRAI$ER

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?       ez Questionnaire    

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Ü        Can link to video displays from outside sources – like YouTube.

?       Contact Lawmakers

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?       WebLobby Lawmakers

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?       Content Management System (CMS)

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Ü        Enables quick updates to address changing campaigns dynamics

Other Value-Added Services from V-Empower:

Ü        Create a page in wikipedia and update it for 3 months

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You should also know that V-Empower has a mission beyond mere profit.  We are serious about being good corporate citizens.  As our corporate slogan says, we are dedicated to Empowering The People through technology.  That’s why V-Empower created the nonprofit StateDemocracy Foundation, whose goal is to Deliver Democracy to Your Desktop via its 1-Stop web portal -- that connects citizens to all their federal and state lawmakers.

Please contact V-Empower to learn more about EZCampaigns and the many other ways we can help empower YOU and those you represent.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Blogs on LobbyDelegates

List of Blogs on

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Blog Comments About

I spent about an hour contacting super delegates using the form here: It is very easy and free to send emails, all you need is an email address. So far I have gotten a lot of form responses, but a few personal responses as well.

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Media Stories On LobbyDelegates

Media Stories on LobbyDelegates Posted on: 02/06/08"Media Stories On LobbyDelegatesAlabama Super Delegates Are Standing By Hillary -- By WVTM NBC-13 (5-13-08)

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Monday, June 2, 2008

As Clinton’s Odds Dim, Her Fans Flood

The turn-around came as Clinton supporters increasingly recognized that Super Delegates represented the best chance to overtake Obama’s lead among pledged delegates. Passionate pleas* to wage a Super Delegate lobbying campaign soon permeated Pro-Clinton websites:

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